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About Me

Hi! I'm Jay! 👋

Illustration of Jay behind a macbook pro with a trans flagI currently work at an early stage startup as an iOS developer. When not working, I am making progress towards shipping Blueprint or making some kind of YouTube video, or taking a photo for instagram.

I used to use YouTube and Instagram as a way to showcase that I knew how to code so that I could transition into a software development role. I still make content around software egnineering and building iOS apps but it's less frequent and more of a creative outlet for me now.

A good place to find me is at a coffee shop. I enjoy well roasted coffee and love supporting local shops and roasteries. Usually I find at least one shop to go to while traveling. If I'm at home, I'll normally bring my laptop with me to finish whatever task I'm working on.

If you want to follow me elsewhere, then check out my omg.lol or the footer.

About this site

This website is treated more like a digital garden, but I still show everything in chronological order, especially as I get more posts and thoughts added in.


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