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Why I started creating content

Short answer is networking and to build credibility

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Everyone says to get a job you need to network. But what do you do when you don’t know even how to start finding people who do the thing you want to do? You turn to the internet.

This is exactly what I did, but not even to find a job. I did it to just be able to talk about what’s possible in iOS development.

I started Twitch streaming learning the basics. I started writing on medium about what I was learning, which was super basic. I started seeing regulars in my chat. I joined discords, became more active on twitter (RIP) and eventually made this Instagram page and a YouTube channel.

Eventually these people I were talking with on the internet became friends, and we’ve been able to give opportunities to each other whether it’s freelancing or job opportunities.

The way I’ve viewed content creation has shifted overtime as I did start looking for jobs as a developer but it all started as trying to connect with others who also like development.

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