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How content creation helped me land my job

3 ways content creation helped me get an iOS app developer position


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👋 I’m Jay and am an iOS app developer for a start up. Before iOS, I worked as a product support specialist and a software engineer really focused in a no-code tool called Webflow. During my time in those positions, I studied Swift outside of work. While learning Swift and SwiftUI, I live streamed my work and posted updates on my IG.

Here are the 3 ways content creation helped me land my job

1️⃣ Forced me to explain what I was doing

Explaining what I was doing on stream really helped me during the interview process. I was already used to explaining why I chose a certain architecture or even explaining what something was because people would ask in the chat. I felt really comfortable during technical interviews due to the practice I had streaming.

2️⃣ I learned how to simplify my problems

Streaming and posting about issues I was having really helped me approach problems from different angles. It also taught me how to refactor my code to be more simple. This helped in technical interviews when the interviewer would change requirements in the middle of the discussion.

3️⃣ I connected/networked with other iOS developers

This is probably the biggest reason I have the job. Using social media to connect with other developers is one of the best things about social media. I didn’t have any friends IRL that develop iOS apps, so finding connections to get a job was kinda tough. Luckily as I started putting content out and talking with people in other chats I got to know some people and they sent jobs my way.

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