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Here’s everything on my desk that I use as of January 6th 2024.

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The desk is made of 2 components. The table top is not made anymore but it’s solid wood from IKEA and the legs are from Autonomous


  • MacBook Pro 14” M1 Max - I purchased this computer shortly after it came out. It was a big expense, but honestly I don’t see myself upgrading for awhile. The amount of productivity I would receive from the M3 chip doesn’t out weigh the cost.


  • LG 34” Ultra wide - I did win this in a raffle in 2021 or 2020 and haven’t needed to upgrade it
  • LG Dual Up - This is a new edition and love it. The vertical aspect ratio is great as a secondary or even primary monitor. I used it as a solo monitor for a bit, but now it’s my secondary monitor and I still enjoy it. I can see myself acquiring a second one to replace the 34” ultra wide at some point.



Audio and Video

What’s listed here is not necessary for zoom calls, but it’s what I use for streaming so I also use it on my meetings.

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